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by Russell
Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:30 am
Forum: 2017 Legislative Wish List
Topic: 2017 Legislative Priorities
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Re: 2017 Legislative Priorities

If I were to wish for law changes for Christmas, I would wish for:

* Remove most unnecessary arbitrary restrictions. Racetracks, sporting events, amusement parks.... Remove enhanced penalties for certain areas posted 30.06/30.07 - Everything should be a Class C.

* Just to reiterate, REMOVE the arbitrary restrictions from 46.03/46.035! That way we don't have the crud that's happening with the Dallas Zoo, where it's owned by a governmental entity but can still post 30.06/30.07 because it's an "amusement park" which is listed under 46.035 ( ... as_Zoo.pdf). This makes me angry if you can't tell.

* Add legal penalties for posting a 30.06/30.07 sign on a business that you do not have authority to post signage for.
* Remove 51% restrictions. It is already illegal to be intoxicated and carrying, there's no need to have an additional invisible barrier if you plan on being at a sports bar to watch the game with buddies but not drink. There's nothing wrong with that.
* Require AG to issue signage rulings within a certain time frame. (I saw 60 days being floated around? That sounds good to me)
* Add individual legal ramifications for a government official posting signage that has been ruled against by the AG. If you require the wasting of government resources in order to make you/your office follow the law, the state should be able to recover those costs from the official responsible.

* Add liability for businesses that post 30.06/30.07 signage. If a patron that has an LTC on your property is robbed/injured and you had 30.06/30.07 signage up, you are responsible for their damages. I know that this is going to be very problematic to get passed, and language may need to be softened or made more generic, but hey this is a wish list right?

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