Boyert Shooting Center Houston

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Boyert Shooting Center Houston


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Boyert Shooting Center is now open in West Houston at 9099 Westheimer Rd Houston, Texas 77063. Just west of Fondren Road in the same shopping center as the Discount Tire Company. (Phone (713) 977-3000; Email:; Website" onclick=";return false;)

My son, his girlfriend and I went by there a few weeks ago at their grand opening and were pleasantly surprised. Everyone was friendly, attentive and their customer service was good. I have returned a few times and have found the range safety officers to be alert, but not overbearing. The equipment is state of the art, but the range is only about 20 yards. The bullet trap is rated for up to .50 BMG, but I believe they limit it to .308. At the grand opening they has a full auto SCAR firing without any problems. It was LOUD. :)

Prices are reasonable $18.00 first shooter and I believe $12 for the second shooter. The range is well ventilated.

My son's girlfriend is new to shooting, only a few years since dating my son, and she was looking at an AR-15. As soon as she was handed the gun she cleared it to make sure it was safe, the salesman was polite and acknowledged that she knew how to handle a weapon.

They have memberships that are reasonably priced starting at $36.00 per month. We joined up for the family plan and so far it paid for its first month.

Other than getting a membership, I don't have any connection with the business.

The also have some interactive simulator rooms, but I haven't checked those out. If you are in the west Houston area give them a "shot."



Re: Boyert Shooting Center Houston


Post by rockinar »

What I like about the short range is it's pretty useless for rifles. It's more of a handgun range. So rifle shooters would be bored shooting at distances that you can throw a rock. This keeps the number or AR15 idiots to a minimum.

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Re: Boyert Shooting Center Houston


Post by winters »

One of the guys in the office took a few of us here we did the video shooting during lunch. Havent tried the real range but the video stuff had all sorts of stuff you could try.
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