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CYA Guns & Indoor Shooting Range in Forney

Posted: Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:46 pm
by JohnKSa
This is a relatively new range. CYA has been in place for a few years, their indoor gun range has been open for about a year now, I believe.

I paid a visit awhile back. Fees are reasonable--in line with what other indoor ranges charge in the area. No membership is required, but if you wish, they have several membership levels which provide tiered benefits depending on the level selected.

Everything functioned when I was there. The ventilation was nice--no black crud in my nose after shooting for about an hour or so.

The main set of lanes goes out to about 20 yards, but I believe there are a few lanes on the other side of the range that are a full 25 yards.

I had no complaints. It's a nice place to shoot.