SOLD! CZ-75 Compact P-01

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SOLD! CZ-75 Compact P-01


Post by ScubaSigGuy » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:54 pm

This pistol was purchased new and sent to Cajun Gun Works for their defensive carry package, a reach reduction kit, and a stainless steel guide rod.They set the SA trigger pull at 3lbs, 9oz, and the DA trigger pull at 7lbs, 8oz. I have not fired or carried this pistol, so it has only been fired at the factory and whatever test firing CGW did after the modifications. These guys are the experts with CZ pistols, and they generally have quite a waiting list for service. The pistol is pristine without a mark on it, due to the fact that it has lived in its factory case tucked in my safe. The pistol comes with two mags, factory manuals and case, and the invoice and tag fro CGW to show what was done. Why am I selling it? Well, I have some additions coming to the family so I am lightening the load to make it more manageable for a while, and easier to maintain over the next several years. So, if it isn't very high-end, rare, or have some sentimental value, I'm going to send it to another home where it will get more attention. I would prefer a FTF with a LTC holder, but will ship.


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Re: CZ-75 Compact P-01


Post by Soccerdad1995 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:00 pm

You aren't lying about the wait. CGW did their magic on my full size 75 BD and it is like a completely different gun. I currently have a RAMI sitting in their shop. Got on the wait list in December and they are hoping to get to it sometime in April. Long wait, but definitely worth it, IMHO.

I am in Houston, but would still be all over this if I didn't have the 2 aforementioned CZ's along with a 75 Compact from the guys at CZ Custom. These are my favorite guns to shoot and all around favorites second only to my 1911's.
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