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Gunsmithing classes

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:02 pm
by texas yankee
I want to post a very positive review of the 1911 Armorer's Course I just completed at Murray State College in Tisomingo, OK, about 2 hours North of the Dallas Area. Murray offers a complete gunsmithing program curriculum during the regular school year, but in the Summer, they have six weeks of one-week classes for all kinds of gunsmith topics - I took the 1911 Armorer's Course, and it was really good - a very deep dive on every aspect of the 1911 platform - the instructor was fabulous, with a lot of deep, practical experience and plenty of time for everyone's questions and lots of hands-on 1911 troubleshooting and problem analysis. The one-week Summer courses are only $300, and for an extra $50 a day, you can get a clean, comfortable dorm room and three meals a day in the student dining hall.

Here's the link for Murray's 2017 Summer program - I expect that the 2018 program will have similar content - ... er2017.pdf