OK: Another home invasion ends badly for invaders

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OK: Another home invasion ends badly for invaders


Post by ELB » Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:22 am

This is old (March 2017) but I just ran across it and found it interesting:

Getaway driver arrested after 3 suspects are shot to death in Wagoner Co. home invasion

Oklahoma man who used an AR-15 rifle to kill 3 teens breaking into his house won't be charged with murder — the woman who drove them there will

LISTEN: Oklahoma Man Calls 911 After Shooting Teen Burglars

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/articl ... owner.html

Cliff's notes: 21 yo woman organized a burglary of using two 18yo and 15yo males as the burglars while she (and possibly someone else) drove the getaway car. They had already burglarized a garage apartment at the same address when they returned to burgle the house itself. The house was occupied by a 23 yo man who upon hearing a glass door being broken armed himself with an AR15. He confronted three individuals wearing black clothing, masks, and gloves, bearing brass knuckles and a knife. He shot them, two collapsed in the house, one ran out and collapsed outside (it is apparent from the 911 recording that the 23 yo did not realize he hit the third one). The young man then barricaded in a bedroom and called 911. The third link has a recording of his 911 call. In the fourth link above it seems to say each burglar was hit with a single round.

The prosecutor and sheriff both agree the young man legally defended himself. The female getaway driver turned herself in and was charged with both burglary and three counts of first degree murder. She doesn't believe she's responsible for the teens death. In other articles she says she doesn't blame the young man for defending his home, but in other thinks the young man should have only shot them in the legs. hmmm.


It appears she pleaded guilty to three counts of 2nd degree murder for which she was sentenced to serve 32 years for each. Also admitted some burglary charges, and owes $1300 in court costs.

Pretty much textbook home defense. With an AR15.
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