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Re: Property taxes


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I honestly would be willing to consider a HUGE increase in sales tax in order to eliminate property taxes, or at least freeze property taxes based on the price of purchase.

It is totally unfair the way the current property tax and appraisal system works. A family can buy a piece of property and within a few years can't afford to pay the taxes because the market value has driven the taxable value sky high. Meanwhile a family could be extremely high earners and not pay the tax because they don't own property, etc.

Income tax is also unfair because different families or payers naturally have different situations based on an infinite number of factors. So even if one family may have a lot of income, they may not have any "disposable income"

In my opinion the only truly fair way to ensure that everyone pays their "fair share" is sales tax and other consumption based taxes.

It will naturally increase the tax burden on the biggest consumers, usually the wealthiest payers, and will naturally lower the burden on the smallest consumers. Whereby, even a family that may have a relatively high income, but be in a very tight financial situation can effectively mitigate their tax bill by curbing their spending. It will drive a majority of Americans to be more responsible with their finances which in turn should also lower American's dependence on social services such as food stamps, welfare, medicare, social security, etc.

Unfortunately it's a pie in the sky. Even if we had lawmakers who wanted a system that was fair and that rewarded families for being responsible with their finances, it would be too much trouble to our entire economy to attempt to transition to a consumption tax.
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