How to Handle Student's Failed Proficient Test

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Re: How to Handle Student's Failed Proficient Test


Post by Mike S » Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:15 pm

asbandr wrote:Sorry to revive an older thread, but I'm surprised to see so few student failures for other instructors. Maybe just a difference in volume of students? I work in a decently sized gun range in a large city and my classes range from 15-30 students once or twice a week. I have at least one failed shooting proficiency per class it seems.


I do find that students often miss the same questions, and have done what I can to further explain those questions during the presentation. I think it boils down to students not reading the entire question and all answers carefully.
For me, it's a combination of low volume; extremely small class sizes (the norm for me is individual or couples, private lessons; occasionally small group instruction not to exceed 6 students); & actually conducting hands on dry fire instruction in the classroom prior to heading to the range.

Not much profit to be had in doing it this way, but I'm content with placing quality over quantity, & ensuring anyone who's CHL-100 has my name on it walks away more competent that when they showed up.

Regarding the written exam, I definitely agree. Most students that don't get a perfect score usually either didn't read the entire question/answers, or mis-read the question. Being very deliberate when covering those topics definitely helps.

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Re: How to Handle Student's Failed Proficient Test


Post by twomillenium » Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:34 pm

I do not post fail on any part of the CHL 8 unless they have failed 3 times in that section. Even if they shoot on a separate day, I send in a CHL 8 for that day. I will not give a partial CHL 100 to a student unless they request it (with need) and then I void out the section that they have not passed.

I have had several students shoot on a different day. I just send in a CHL 8 with only the shooting portion marked and I have not heard of any problems.
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