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WTT/WTS 295 rounds of 32 ACP - Houston

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:25 pm
by ArmedAndPolite
I have a Seecamp 32 and unfortunately, I cannot use this ammo. I'd like to trade all 295rds for 100 rds of one of the following in 32acp:

Winchester Silvertip 60gr. HP
Federal Premium Hydra Shok 65gr. JHP
Speer Gold Dot 60gr. GDHP
PMC Bronze 60gr. JHP

Or an equal amount of 9mm (heavier grain the better).

Also willing to sell all of it for $100

I have
3 boxes (150 rds) Fiocchi 60 gr JHP
2 boxes (100 rds) PPU 71gr JHP
1 box (45 rds) Remington 71gr FMJ