3rd Renewal Third Renewal Bad Checklist CHL-100 NOT required

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3rd Renewal Third Renewal Bad Checklist CHL-100 NOT required


Post by HerbM » Mon May 21, 2012 9:23 am

My goal is to save others the confusion and maybe the extra effort expended to figure this out:

3rd Renewal Third Renewal Bad Licensing Online Application Checklist CHL-100 is NOT required, despite what it says on that form.

Feel free to fill out the online "email" request for help or to call DPS CHL but while you are waiting to do that RELAX.

The 'checklist' form will (probably) ask for your CHL-100 (proof of training) even though you don't need it.

Now do make sure you qualify, 3rd consecutive renewal (plus original application) and no gaps.

I posted this even though the info is probably in some of the existing threads since it took me a bit of trouble to even get close to the answer and it didn't mention the "checklist" just being WRONG.

Yes, I did call DPS -- nice lady confirmed that my application went through as soon as I had paid (3 days earlier). Nothing was required to be submitted in my case.

Your Mileage May Vary

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