Gen 5 Glock intitial impressions

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Re: Gen 5 Glock intitial impressions


Post by PRGlock81 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:03 pm

I was able to pick up the new G19 Gen 5 today. The ambidextrous slide stop for me was aesthetically off putting and it took a bit to get use to. The coating is a lot darker and you can noticeably tell. I have a Gen 3 G19 and it's my EDC and I love it. So I figured with all the added upgrades to gen 5 why not go for it. The older mags go do fit the gen 5, However the mag plates on the gen 5 are slightly longer to accommodate the half moon cut out of the mag well, I assume it's for a faster reload. I'll be taking to the range this weekend and see how it compares. Can't wait! :fire

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Re: Gen 5 Glock intitial impressions


Post by The Annoyed Man » Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:11 am

CZp10 wrote:
Jose_in_Dallas wrote:I was all set to buy one of the Summer Special Glock's with the front serrations and then Glock drops these.

Any idea if the magazines are compatible between the generations? I'm going to assume so but I haven't read anything either way.
From what I see, all old magazines will work.
The problem some are complaining about is that there are a number of new parts in the Gen 5 so you won't be able to just take out parts from past generations and swap them out. Personally I don't have a problem with that, but some people with a lot of older Glocks are bothered by it.
Just be advised that pre-Gen4 mags won't work in a Gen4 or 5 gun if you reverse the mag release button for left-handed use.
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Re: Gen 5 Glock intitial impressions


Post by dragun » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:43 pm

Have almost 600 rounds through it and really like it a lot. If I have any complaint it's the ambi slide stop lever. It's not flush to the frame like the gen 4 and I have on a few occasions hit it with my support hand and it locked back prior to the last round. I have to be very aware of my grip. I actually ran about 200 rounds with the the gen 4 SLL and gen 4 trigger pin with no issues (The gen 5 trigger pin is different). Not sure I would carry that way as I don't know if that may cause a problem down the road. I would assume in the near future some 3rd party manufacture will come out with a better solution. In the meantime I've adjusted my grip slightly.

Otherwise, I like the feel, it's shoots very accurate, and never thought I'd say this about a stock glock trigger but it's perfect for me as a carry trigger.

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