44 Mag Reloads

For those who like to roll their own.

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44 Mag Reloads


Post by flowrie »

Just curious, does anyone have a good recipe for 44 Mag?
These are for a Henry rifle, not a handgun.

I am loading the 240 Hornandy XTP and the 225 Hornandy FTX (have to trim the case down to 1.255 for the 225 FTX).

Been using IMR 4227, 21gr for the 225gr FTX, but it fills the case and is or almost a compression load.
22gr for the 240gr XTP.
Using the Hornandy load manual and the Hodgdon reloading website.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: 44 Mag Reloads


Post by 03Lightningrocks »

I have always been a huge fan of Elmer Keith and what he had to say about loads for the 44 magnum. Here is a short write up concerning his loads.
His famous .44 Mag load was 22.0 gr of 2400 under a 250 gr "Keith" bullet. This was, and still is, considered a pretty hot load. (Speer #13 list 20.0 gr of 2400 under a 250 gr cast as the max load).

https://americanhandgunner.com/gear/fav ... num-loads/

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Re: 44 Mag Reloads


Post by mr surveyor »

I generally shoot cast g/c bullets in my 20" Rossi R92, 44 mag, but I do shoot about 10% jacketed. The Hornady 240 gr XTP is by far my favorite jacketed bullet and I tinkered with loads for quite a while before settling on A2400 and AA#9. The AA#9, 19.5 gr, for 1620 fps from the 20" barrel. With a 4x Weaver Scout Scope on the 92 I will get an honest 1.2 inch group from 5 shots at 50 yards. The same will be 3"+/- at 100 yds with about an inch and a half drop. I've been a big fan of A2400 and Unique for a long time but finding either of them locally is about impossible. Finding the AA powders several years ago were a life changer for me in the reloading and paper killing part of my life :lol:

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