Computer won't recognize new harddrive

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Computer won't recognize new harddrive


Post by Charles L. Cotton »

I'll try to keep this short while giving enough information.

My desktop has a 5-disk configuration for video editing. The primary disk (C:) is 1.5TB that's about 50% full and the others are 2.0TB disks. I need to replace the primary drive (C:) with a 4TB WD Black disk and plan to clone the old drive with AOMEI Pro. Unfortunately, I cannot get my desktop (or my laptop for that matter) to recognize the new disk. I've tried an onboard slot on my desktop, as well as a USB/SATA cable on both the laptop and the desktop (The cable is a SATA III, but I presume it's backward compatible, if necessary.) I cannot see the new disk in Disk Manager or Aomei either. I'm starting to think the new disk is bad.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Computer won't recognize new harddrive


Post by RHenriksen »

Does the BIOS setup of the computer see the new drive? Have you tried booting with only two or three drives connected, instead of five?
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Re: Computer won't recognize new harddrive


Post by HD76 »

You could check to see if there is a BIOS or UEFI update for the PC. Harddrives over 2.2 TB require require supported controllers/firmware/drivers to work on older machines.

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Re: Computer won't recognize new harddrive


Post by BigGuy »

I spent the last 20 years of my life as head of the IT department for a Newspaper. Posts like this remind me why I'm so glad to be the heck out of it. I spent the last 5 years of my IT career dreading a ransomeware attack. Couldn't get corporate to invest in offsite, manual backup. But i knew that when all of our files were encrypted, it would be my fault.
It felt like the end of the world when they shut down my department and showed me the door. Looking back, it might have been the best thing that has happened to me.I can watch the industry burn on the fuel of its own incompetency and know that it no longer affects me. I'm just sitting at my post as a SO until 11/01/2022.
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