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Laws passed in Texas

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 9:53 pm
by Enron Exec
Is this really how laws are passed in our Texas Legislature? Is there something we can do? It looks less like a Democracy/Republic and more like monkeys in Reno playing slots. :mad:

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 9:58 pm
by AEA
At bit slow on the draw there Pal....... ... highlight=

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 10:03 pm
by stroo
I have done legislative work before other legislatures in other states and never saw anything quite like that. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen but I found that pretty amazing.

Having said that, watching laws get made is like watching saugage being made. It really is not an uplifting experience.

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2007 10:19 pm
by carlson1
Locked because of thread that AEA pointed out was already started. Thanks. ... highlight=