Can I submit docs before fingerprints?

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Re: Can I submit docs before fingerprints?


Post by JustSomeOldGuy » Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:43 pm

Nuts4hotwheels wrote:I took the class and have my CHL-100 and completed the application. I have to wait a week to get fingerprinting done because it was booked up. Can I submit the CHL-100 now? Do I get any documentation from fingerprinting to upload or is it electronically submitted to DPS?
Yes, you can submit the CHL-100 now. Best way is to scan to a file (preferably a .pdf) and upload that file to RSD.
go to and select 'handgun licensing' from the dropdown. under 'select option' pick "submit LTC supporting documents". Fill out the identity info in the form, choose and attach files. You should get an email acknowledging your upload(s) in 0 to 3 days.
Fingerprints are submitted electronically by the fingerprint service provider. Some folks scan and submit the paper receipt you are given at the fingerprint service location. It's a way of nudging RSD to "Hey! Look for my prints in the incoming queue!". You can also login to the fingerprint provider's site from the info on the paper receipt and look up when they deliver your file to RSD. Then you can start counting.........probably 65 calendar days minimum. :totap:
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Re: Can I submit docs before fingerprints?


Post by The4thaggie » Mon May 16, 2016 11:54 am

Champion Firearms (my host for my class last week), had us start the application process well in advance. I was told when I scheduled the class May 2nd to start the application process immediately. So I went to the site, started the application, scheduled my fingerprinting through Identgo via the application site, and then it basically submitted my application. I got an email that said that I would need to submit my fingerprints (IdentGo sent on my behalf) and the CHL100 in one submission.

I took the class last week, and I submitted my supporting documents this morning. Will see. Had my instructor not said to do that, I would have waited until after the course, but it sounds like this was done to help reduce the airgap between submission to receiving.

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Re: Can I submit docs before fingerprints?


Post by Dan75156 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:03 pm

Not to repeat what has already been stated, but yes. I'll repeat what has already been stated ;-)

I was browsing the online application form the night before my LTC class was scheduled. I looked around and saw no reason why I could not go ahead and start the process, so I did. At the class the next day the instructor was giving some info about applying online and I specifically asked him if it was ok that I already did this and he said no problem.

I already scheduled the fingerprinting and it was to be done the following Tuesday.

Here I am 10 days out (from taking the class) and all docs have been received and status is now pending background check.

So I say, yeah go ahead and start the process even if you have not taken the class (provided you will be taking the class in the near future). This way the ball gets rolling and just awaits the proper forms (fingerprints, CHL-100, etc).

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Re: Can I submit docs before fingerprints?


Post by infoman » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:56 am

It's best to do your prints first, before you send in the CHL-100. If you have any arrests on your record expect 3-4 months. If clean background, expect 1-2 months.

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