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Just my humble observation...

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 10:07 pm
by CHLLady
As I was out shopping with my kids for school clothes this tax free weekend, I realized how truly ridiculous Moms against Guns are in their fear of guns in our society. I was out there shopping in various stores from 2 different age groups & the mall and rubbed elbows with these totally UNOBSERVANT moms. I watched the other moms in particular and not a single one even glanced my way! The only one who met my eyes was a man, I held his stare and moved on.

How ridiculous that they are so darn freaked out about guns, they have NO IDEA one is right next to them! What?! It didn't jump out my holster and shoot them?! Amazing gun I have!

How sad that their situational awareness was totally blinded by their bargain shopping.