Gun Friendly Doctor - What would you do next time?

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Re: Gun Friendly Doctor - What would you do next time?


Post by The Annoyed Man » Fri Dec 22, 2017 9:03 pm

I went to see my podiatrist yesterday to be fitted for an ankle brace. Every time I’ve been in there, I’ve carried, but concealed. Usually, it was IWB in an appendix carry holster, but yesterday I wore a leather shoulder holster rig under my jacket with my G19 and 2 spare mags. There were two nurses/assistants (whatever they were) in the room with me when I took my jacket off, and removed my shoulder rig, setting it on a tray.

One of the nurses said, “here, I’ll move this to a chair for you while you’re getting up on the exam table”, which she did, and then told me that both she and her husband had their carry licenses and carried nearly all the time. Later, when the doctor came in, she saw my gun - which she has seen each time - and didn’t say a thing about it. But before she left the room, she winked and said, “you know why Texas is such a polite place? It’s because everyone here carries!” Then she wished me a merry Christmas and left the room.

I like that office a lot.
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Re: Gun Friendly Doctor - What would you do next time?


Post by Abraham » Sat Dec 23, 2017 11:19 am


Yours is a heart warming Christmas story!

Merry Christmas!!

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