what is your preferred zero distance

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Re: what is your preferred zero distance


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clarionite wrote: Mon Aug 16, 2021 12:17 pm. I shoot for heart and lungs for anything 250yds or less. Greater than that and I shoot for the spinal column about half way up the neck. My thought process (and I may be off but it's what I've always been taught) is that with a longer shot, I'd rather miss than get a hit that isn't immediately fatal, and have them crawl off somewhere and die where I can't find them. In my 40 or so years of hunting, it's served me well.
I do the same. If I'm really teaching out I'd rather have a clean hit or clean miss... Plus a neck hit makes a DRT.

I sight my hunting rifles (270 and 243 mostly) about 2" high at 100 yards. I'm still trying to determine what I'm going to do with my AR (just getting into the black gun thing)
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Re: what is your preferred zero distance


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After watching the video I believe I'm a convert to the 36yd system. Even if I never shoot beyond 100yds it works and is ready just in case.
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