Southwest pilot arrested after gun found in carry-on luggage

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Re: Southwest pilot arrested after gun found in carry-on luggage


Post by Pritchical » Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:51 am

ET-Ret wrote:I am a retired postal employee and in the last few year I carried a cpap machine . I had been on vacation and carried a J-model in the papbag.
Used the machine at home out of the bag and for got the pistol in the bag. I went to a school and put the machine in the bag packed clothes and went
to a federal hotel and unpacked the machine and found the pistol. I almost dropped the bag when I found the pistol. I just put the bag with the pistol
in the closet and took the class and packed my bag and went home. Don't ask and don'tell.No one in the hotel ever had a worry about me. You stuff shirt LEOs will at some time make some mistakes. It is the human thing to do.
Mistakes like that should be absolutely forgivable. I do think we can take actions to show responsibility though, like a field-strip disassembly or some such. Keep the upper away from the lower, separate bags, whatever. That would at least show that you weren't trying to "carry".

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