Alabama Campus + Schools Bill

Colleges are places to learn, not die at the hands of attention-starved mass-murderers.

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Alabama Campus + Schools Bill


Post by RPB » Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:43 am

Not just campus carry, schools

Nick Banaszak WHNT News 19 Reporter
10:11 p.m. CST, February 28, 2012
HUNTSVILLE, AL— ... ?track=rss" onclick=";return false;
Lawmaker Seeks To Make Schools Off Limits From Concealed Carry Laws
Rep. McCutcheon Wants To Change State Law Allowing Licensed Gun Owners To Carry On Campus

Could an armed parent or teacher have made a difference in the recent Ohio school shooting?

That question could soon become the center of debate in Alabama, as one state lawmaker works on a bill that would make schools and colleges off limits for licensed gun owners.
Alabama state law currently allows adults who have a permit to carry their concealed weapon onto school property. But State Rep. Mac McCutcheon (R) of Madison calls that a safety hazard, one reason why he's pushing a bill to ban the practice. McCutcheon is in the process of drafting the yet-to-be named legislation, and told WHNT News 19 that Alabama's concealed carry laws should not extend to school property for the sake of safety.
much more at above link
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