Gun Control is anti Women!

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Gun Control is anti Women!


Post by Pawpaw » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:02 pm

That's the message the NRA and GOP should be pushing.

Female Second Amendment Supporter Slaps Down Anti-AR-15 Argument
While the AR-15 is being vilified left and right, it’s important that people be reminded why it’s a great rifle and why the average, law-abiding civilian should own one. While we can easily say that we should be able to own one because the Second Amendment says we can, let’s be honest here. That’s not enough right now. We also need to present arguments why the rifle should be available beyond 2A protections.

Well, over at CNN of all places, one of our pro-Second Amendment sisters had the perfect smackdown.

Her name is Carrie Lightfoot, and she is a NRA certified pistol instructor.

At one point in the panel, a man named Scott Pappalardo said, “An AR-15 should not be used as a home protection weapon.”

Lightfoot said, “Do you know what a fabulous gun that is for women?”

“It’s a fabulous gun. So is a shotgun,” he said.

She responded by saying that a shotgun is “much harder to handle.”

Lightfood also took up an impassioned defense of the Second Amendment.

“This is a constitutionally protected right–this is not a government legislated privilege, such as driving a car.”
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Re: Gun Control is anti Women!


Post by MaduroBU » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:31 pm

Driving a car is a government regulated privilege insofar as it occurs on public roads. It is outside the purview of legislation when it occurs on private land. A driver's license is very similar to a CHL in the privileges that it confers and the circumstances under which it is required. That is an important detail admist the cries for regulation of gun use as we regulate cars.

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